OISC Mock Exam Marking Service

OISC Mock Exam Marking Service


If you are looking for OISC sample papers or OISC past papers in order to prepare for the OISC exam, then our up-to-date OISC Mock Papers are the place for you to start. If you would like to supplement our OISC training with one OISC Mock Paper, then you also qualify for a 50% discount.

Our OISC mock exam marking service provides you with knowledge, practical experience and confidence in preparing for the OISC competence assessments and to help you pass the OISC Level 1 exam, OISC Level 2 exam and OISC level 3 exam.

Less than half of the people who sit the OISC exam receive a pass grade. Our OISC Mock Papers are here to ensure you are in the best position to be in the successful minority. Our most popular Mock, our OISC Level 1 Mock exam, is perfect for those preparing to sit the OISC exams.

Our OISC mock exam marking service gives you the opportunity to have your mock exam answers marked by our team of experienced immigration professionals. We provide you with exam papers based on real questions from OISC exams. Our immigration experts will then review your work and provide you with feedback. The feedback includes a comprehensive analysis of your answers, including what you did well and tips on how you can improve to answer the questions in the most effective way possible. Delegates say that our mock papers are harder than the real OISC exam!

You can choose either a single paper package or a three paper package where you can put the feedback you receive into immediate effect.

If you purchase a single mock exam paper with an OISC course, you will receive the paper for half price. If you would like to prepare for or book the OISC level 1 exam, then our OISC level 1 exam is an excellent way to begin preparations.